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The 5 Reasons Ronaldo Wants To Leave

The news about Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision of a departure came as a surprise to the public, but according to Marca, it isn’t just an angry reaction in the heat of the moment. The Spanish outlet thinks the player thought it through well, and has come to this conclusion.

Tax fraud accusations

Ronaldo insists he’s innocent among the accusations of defrauding the tax authorities of €14.7m and says he did everything in accordance with Spanish law. This is why he feels hurt and angry and accordingly made his mind up that he no longer wants to play in LaLiga.

The Spanish press

The Portugal star believes the press have singled him out as the man to blame for everything, and he’s tired of being judged without people really knowing him. “They treat me like a delinquent and they don’t even know me,” he had stated earlier.

Lack of support from Real Madrid

Despite the club stating they were ‘absolutely convinced of Ronaldo’s innocence’, the 32-year-old doesn’t feel like the club have supported him enough.

A new club

Ronaldo has decided he wants to move away from Spanish football, and according to Marca, his main choice has always been a return to Manchester United…

Spanish justice system

His anger isn’t just caused by Real Madrid: he’s also furious with the Spanish justice system. He believes that, due to his status as an extremely well known public figure, he has been made an example of in an unfair and disproportionate way.


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