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The Brazilian Championship (popularly known as “Brasileirão”) is our most important national football competition. It contains 20 clubs disputing the title in 38 rounds of accumulative points from May to December. In the end the first four places receives the right to participate on the next edition of Copa Libertadores da América being the fourth (in exception cases the third too) not direct in the groups phase having to face pre confrontations (Pré Libertadores). The last four places get relegated while the four firsts of second series are promoted. Video Intro can be a solid and sophisticated way to attract and connect with your target audience. The first five places get the right to get in Copa do Brasil already in the round of 16. And the table position at Brasileirão is also important to classify to Copa Sudmericana since among the eliminated ones of Copa do Brasil until the third round the six best positioned of Brasileirão gets to join Sudamericana.